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We’re the retirement plan expert you need.

We know there are plenty of experts out there, but we’re confident our commitment to you and your clients, will help you grow your business and retain the clients you currently serve.

Focused on you

When it comes to TPA services, accuracy and reliability really are just the tip of the iceberg. Because we’re a true consulting firm, we’ll never compete with you. Instead, we’ll be a partner focused on your success. We’ll ensure your clients’ plans are efficient and effective, but we’ll do so much more than that.

As a part of your team, Strategic Pension Services will:

  • Assist with prospecting
  • Attend presentations to prospects and clients
  • Manage the new-client onboarding process
  • Administer each plan so it runs optimally, now and in the future

Let’s talk about teaming up

Accountability counts

Your clients count on you to deliver a plan that will align with their goals, help with workforce retention, offer financial benefits and adapt as their business changes. As your TPA partner, you can count on us to take on those responsibilities.

And because we understand how important accountability is, we also offer a full range of 3(16) designated administrator services to further reduce the worry and complexity inherent in retirement plan administration.

3(16) Designated Administrator Services

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Never a competitor.
Always your partner.

Let’s talk about teaming up