You need a retirement plan expert.

With Strategic Pension Services as your TPA partner, you’ll have one.

Partner with an Expert

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What makes an expert?

Knowledge + Experience.
And that’s what we offer—just for starters.

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A passion for details

We dig deep into retirement law, so you don’t have to.

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A focus on problem-solving

We untangle the complex problems that hinder performance.

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The right answer, not the easy one

We focus on serving your needs, not ours.

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Your most valuable retirement plan resource

Your retirement plan has enormous potential, but only if it’s well designed, well run and always compliant. With SPS as your partner, you can be confident your plan will achieve its full potential.

Is your plan the best it can be?

In the business of solving problems

Ask what we like about being a top-performing TPA and we’ll tell you: helping clients find effective solutions. The more challenging the problem, the happier we are to dig in and find answers.

What problem can we solve for you?

Communicating—never overwhelming

Simply put, we give our clients the information they need. If you call us, we’ll answer, offering solutions that make sense without weighing you down with details. Our job is to simplify—never complicate.

Let’s simplify your retirement strategy

Not all TPA firms are alike.

What sets Strategic Pension Services apart? Our commitment to excellence, to name just one differentiator. We also think it’s significant that many of our clients have, over the years, become friends. That says a lot about our longevity and our commitment to integrity.

We think that’s what you deserve.

Let’s get acquainted