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A retirement plan that is tailored to fit, administered with precision and adapted when needed is the definition of success. It sounds simple, but it’s hardly that. Laws and regulations, complex formulas, changing goals: All these can—and very often do—make retirement plans complicated and time-consuming.

That’s where Strategic Pension Services comes in.

True integrity

We’re not here to sell products, which means we serve each client’s best interests. We build customized retirement plans that are specifically designed to work for each client’s unique set of goals. We also evaluate existing plans, revising them as needed for optimal performance.

We do it this way because it’s the right way to serve the people who rely on us.

Solving problems together

Managing the details

We’ve not counted the number of details involved in keeping a retirement plan on track, but we know there are hundreds of ways it can go awry. And we’ve seen them all—and solved them. In fact, you won’t find a TPA more adept at problem-solving—and at looking far enough down the road to forestall complications.

In short, we take the worry out of retirement plan administration.

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Beyond TPA services

In addition to providing custom plan design and attending to the myriad details that keep a plan in compliance and effective, we offer a level of oversight designed to reduce your fiduciary responsibilities. Our 3(16) Designated Plan Administrator Services essentially puts our signature on the dotted line.

3(16) Designated Plan Administrator Services

Beyond TPA Services
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