Plan Administration

We’re a third-party administrator (TPA) of retirement plans.

Everything we do, from answering your questions to customizing your plan, is designed to make your life easier and your plan run smoothly. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.

As your TPA, we’ll manage the details and solve the problems that inevitably arise. That gives you time to manage your business, achieving new growth and improving earnings.

Our Plan Document Management service includes:
  • Generating a new plan document or modifying your existing plan based on our expert design
  • Generate Summary Plan Description to be provided to all employees
  • Ensure qualification and filing for IRS approval of your plan
  • Monitor and manage any necessary regulatory amendments and required
    communications and notices
  • Periodic restatement of your plan based on IRS and DOL regulatory changes and routine restatement schedules
Our Plan Administration services include:
  • Annual Plan Administration – Every retirement plan generates a series of annual deadlines and activities. We manage them all, while constantly monitoring operations and looking for any potential problems that might cause problems in the future.
  • Compliance Testing – The IRS and the Department of Labor regulate retirement plans. We stay ahead of their regulations, ensuring ongoing compliance by conducting specific tests. There isn’t a compliance problem we haven’t seen… and solved.
  • Annual Compliance Reporting – We manage the forms, reports and testing required for compliance. More importantly, since this is like an annual physical, we’ll take the time to explain your compliance reports and situation and answer any questions.
  • IRS & DOL Reporting – We’ll make sure all forms and schedules are filed properly; including preparing a signature-ready annual Form 5500 package. Nothing gets overlooked.
  • Distribution & Loan Processing – We manage all the complexities of distribution and loan requests and loan repayments.

Let our experts work for you

We also offer a full range of 3(16) designated administrator services designed to relieve you of much of the fiduciary liability and burden placed on you and your HR team.

3(16) Designated Administrator

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Retirement plans are complex.
We love the details.

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